Corona Virus

GoFundMe Campaign Update

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all of you who donated to our GoFundMe campaign to help save Piebury Staffs Jobs and sent messages of encouragement and support, with a special thanks going out to to one of our Arsenal fan customers for his invaluable expertise and advice.

The funds arrived just in time to run our fortnightly payroll and we managed to pay them a weeks holiday pay for the week the kings cross restaurant was closed, before the Government ordered all restaurants and cafes to close.

Whilst it is re-assuring that the government has pledged to help small business such as ours, we are still waiting for funds to arrive and it could be another few weeks yet. Details of how the cost of furloughing staff on 80% wages will be reimbursed haven’t been finalised and we have been advised that realistically this won’t be until the end of April beginning of May, meanwhile outstanding suppliers bills, staff wages and monthly overheads still need to be paid.

Our Kings Cross landlords have been very kind in offering to defer this quarters rent for 3 months allowing us to pay the arrears over a period of 6 months once things return to normal. The insurance and service charges, however still need to be paid.

Our Holloway landlord on the other hand hasn’t been quite as generous, and has instead offered for us to pay our rent monthly instead of quarterly. We are currently looking into whether it is viable to operate takeaways only from our Holloway shop so that we can then offer discounts to key workers who have no choice but to carry on working.

Details of the GoFundMeCampaign came be found here and donations can also be made via paypal using the link

We wish you all a healthy and happy next few months where ever you are in the world. Stay Safe Nicky and Paul

Piebury closures update

Its worrying times for everyone around the world right now and as a small family business, with no financial backers, the next few weeks are going to be touch and go.

Full details of the Government grants and Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme details are not available yet, and we can’t even be guaranteed we will be eligible, meanwhile our staff and suppliers still need to paid.

So we are appealing to anyone that has visited our Holloway Pie Shop or Kings Cross Restaurant, are Arsenal fans or Pie Lovers, to help by donating a small tip (£1, £5 or a generous £10) to show your appreciation of our staff and help save their jobs.

All the funds raised will be used to pay staff so they so they can continue to pay their bills whilst we are closed and awaiting government help during these worrying times.

We have set up a gofundme campaign for donations and have a paypal link for those of you would prefer to donate via this method.

A small donation by many goes a long way.

Thank you in advance for your support and kindness.

Nicky and Paul


Given the weekend news that France and Holland have ordered all bars, cafes and restaurants to close and Ireland has also told bars to close, we have decided to close our Kings Cross Restaurant until further notice.

The Government have not enforced anything yet, but we feel it is only a matter of time they will. As we are in the heart of Kings Cross and have a lot of travellers coming into the restaurant, we feel that to remain open we are putting our staff and customers all at risk of contracting the Virus, which is something that we feel extremely uncomfortable with this.

Massive thanks to everyone for your support up until now. Stay safe out there peeps.

Paul and Nicky


Dear Customers

Like every business, we are listening to the advice from Public Health England and the Government and have implemented recommended protocols to help prevent the spread of the virus.

  • Staff have been instructed to wash their hands with soap and hot water on arrival to work and at frequent intervals throughout the day, specifically after clearing tables and touching anything that guests may have contaminated
  • Tables, menus and condiments will be sanitised immediately after customers have left.
  • Door handles and surfaces are being sanitised at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • Staff with a cough or fever will not come to work and will self isolate for seven days.

During this uncertain time we ask customers to assist us in helping to protect the spread of the virus by washing their hands before being seated.

We appreciate your custom and your understanding

Warmest regards,

Paul and Nicky